Utilgreen household

Utilgreen household line represents our concrete effort to utilize the competence acquired in so many years, with the aim to create a product able to foster widespread recycling of plastic materials coming from waste collection, while contributing to diffuse a conscious, integrated and sustainable production.

Utilgreen households are made with recycled plastic

To talk about recycled plastic is a simplistic way of talking about diverse materials. The one made from production waste is the same plastic that has been used for years in industry. Instead Utilgreen household line use the plastic that come from household refuse to produce the household line. The refuse that come from domestic refuse were selected and then used for different purposes. That wich is left over after the final selection is “waste” in the true sense pf the word and it almost always finishes up in the rubbish dump. Utilgreen household line saves that wasted waste and thus improve the environment.

Utilgreen households recycling cycle

Before recycling begins, the after-usage plastic is selected. The most valuable one is the PET plastic (bottles and phials) wich containers of all kinds and textiles arte made from; but other polymers too, can take on a new and different life. Ther plastic treated in recycling plants is converted into chips, or flakes, and granules and are then bought by industries whice use it as a raw material to produce new types of products. The granules made with the residual, after-selection plastic become the raw material fo the “less waste more life” accessories.
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Utilgreen household plastic-household recycled
Utilgreen household plastic-household recycled

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