“Less is More” is the philosophy behind our new line of households “Utilgreen”.

These are our products. They have neither shocking colours nor shining ones. It is a deliberate choice. Their value, in fact, does not reside in their exterior look but rather in their heart. The true value is in what they have inside.

Utilgreen products are beautiful inside, thanks to the material they are made of: a special plastic obtained by recycling the ‘less noble plastic waste’ collected, otherwise no longer usable thus due to go to garbage dumps or to incinerators.

Utilgreen products help reduce waste and pollution, save energy and protect environment.

Buying and using Utilgreen products means to give a little contribution to improve the environment where we live.

Why throwing them away?

The lots of garbage we produce can become a treasure helping save natural resources.

With recycled paper we can save trees. With plastic recycled from bottles we can manufacture pulls (piles), benches for public gardens, tables and chairs for our houses. Food waste can become very good fertilizer. Wood shavings can become a power source.

This is why it is so important to separate wastes and collect them properly: glass with glass; paper with paper; metals with metals.

recyled plastic household house cleaning

A story “made in Tuscany”

The plastic food tray for fresh pasta has a second life as soundproof panel on a motorway. The film once wrapping ham becomes a broom. Shopping plastic bags return to our houses as buckets, flower pots and dustpans.

These and many others are the “Re-produced” in Tuscany: products resulting from recycling of “poor” plastics collected in our territory (the so-called “Plasmix”).

Revet (Tuscan company specialized in the separate collection of glass, plastics, cans and in the process for their recycling) has developed such innovative recycling process and some Tuscan businesses –such as Utilplastic- manufacturing materials and different kind of consumer goods have tested the Plasmix in their productions and helped Revet to improve quality and workability.

Utilplastic is Revet’s partner in the project “From home to home”: the virtuous cycle begins right at our homes with the separate collection of wastes; then our homes are where brooms, baskets, dustpans and all other households made with the recycled plastic return.

recyled plastic household house cleaning